Brutal pigfuck thugishness. The lower east side rears its ugly head in a way not heard in almost 2 decades. This here is magic, boys. Beat down junkie punk that has the Blacksnakes at heart and that Scientists styled filth caking up its yellowed fingernails. More Aussie than most Aussies in the dime. Slug Guts prolly dig them. Think 'Dangling Man'-era Simon Bonney or Tex Perkins frontin’ a much noisier rust-n-scrape of a band. The charred remains of R.S. Howard lie in the trunk of this steel beast…and they seem perfectly at ease having Jack Natz riding high (on the lows) in the passenger seat. Tuck n’ roll interior stuffed with shit, mud and even more drugs. Evil. Death. Dirge. Squeal piggies. Hard as all get out to find stateside, but fairly priced if ordered thru Munster. Do it if you hate humankind. (RSF) (Bang! Records // www.bang-records.net)